I realized that often when I give with one hand, I’m expecting to get something back in the other hand, wondering “what’s in in for me?” ┬áThis event is an attempt for me to overcome my selfishness, and learn how to love the way Jesus does. I was motivated by Jeremy Cowart’s work at the recent WPPI Photographer’s convention; Help-portrait.com was his amazing idea to simply serve others, and this Easter we joined forces to do just that. It is truly more rewarding to give then to receive!


1. Pro Photo Supply generously provided the ink and paper for all of the printing.

2. Rice Studio Supply donated the folios.

3. Photographers: Kate Singh, Fonda Cox, & Vitaliy Shapoval

4. ADCO printed the fliers

5. Triple Diamond Investments donated the meeting space.

6. Hair & Make-up: Lana Mazun, Katie Kutsenko, Aleksa Serebranskaya, Alina Shapoval

7. Vladi Turkov Video production